Jessie J Not Leaving Channing Tatum for Ruby Rose, Despite Rumor

Jessie J and Channing Tatum's relationship is still going strong, despite rumors that the singer may be ditching him for Ruby Rose.

Speculation of the possible infidelity within the still relatively new relationship between the "Bang Bang" singer and the Magic Mike actor were first reported by NW earlier this week, with the outlet citing an anonymous source that claimed they had "jumped into" their relationship "too quickly."

"They jumped into this way too quickly. Now they're facing their biggest challenge because there's a lot coming out about Jessie's past relationships – with women," the source alleged.

In NW's report, it was alleged that Jessie J and Rose were developing mutual feelings for one another, adding that while the singer has a "nice chemistry" with Tatum, "no one really believes this is going to last."

"It's no secret Ruby and Jessie are very close," the source claimed. "Channing could be in for a shock, because Jessie and Ruby have so much in common – looks, mannerisms, even hairstyles. Jessie has been very open about liking women. How can Channing compete with that?"

According to Gossip Cop, those rumors and that anonymous source are incorrect. The outlet, who spoke with a representative for Jessie J, reports that the tabloid report is false and "insane."

Additionally, there's no indication that the singer has any intention of leaving Tatum for Rose. On Nov. 27, the two were spotted slow dancing together during the Magic Mike Live event in London, and they have frequently taken to social media to cheer on one another's performances.

While Jessie has been linked to women in the past, in a series of tweets in 2014 she addressed her sexuality and denied being bisexual, claiming that her experience dating women was just a "phase."

"Some people grow up dating both men and woman forever. And that's ok. And some don't. Simple. And I don't have any reason to lie? Should I have lied and said I am bi, because I'm not, yet isn't that worse than telling the truth?" she wrote before adding in a subsequent tweet "I only date men."

News of Jessie and Tatum's relationship were first sparked in October, when a source claimed that their relationship is "very new" and the two are "keeping it casual" and "having fun."


Their blossoming romance came just months after Tatum and Jenna Dewan announced their decision to separate. Dewan has since sparked a romance with Shameless actor Steve Kazee.