Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's Italian Wedding Postponed 'Indefinitely' Due to Coronavirus

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have decided to postpone their spectacular Italian wedding "indefinitely" due to the coronavirus pandemic. The celebrity couple planned to tie the knot this summer, more than a year after getting engaged. The couple also reportedly shelved their plans to buy an interest in the New York Mets.

"They have been struggling for weeks over this decision, but with no return to normalcy in the near future, the couple felt postponing the wedding was the safest and smartest choice," a source told E! News about their wedding plans. "Guests have recently been notified that the wedding will not be happening in late summer as anticipated." The source said the couple still hop to have the "wedding of their dreams" when the time is right. They have not set a new date yet, but they are not expecting it to happen anytime "soon."

Rodriguez, 44, and Lopez, 50, started dating in February 2017. They got engaged in March 2019 and already pushed their wedding back to the summer due to Lopez's busy schedule earlier this year. Lopez spent most of her time this winter preparing for her Super Bowl halftime show and making appearances on the awards circuit after starring in Hustlers.

"J. Lo and Alex's wedding is supposed to be this summer after postponing it because of her filming schedule, her Super Bowl performance and other work commitments," a source told Us Weekly in early March. "She is finally ready to shift her focus to wedding planning and making that a top priority." The source added that the couple "make each other so incredibly happy" and they cannot imagine their lives without each other.

Late last month, Rodriguez appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and confirmed the couple put their marriage plans "on pause." "We have to go with the flow now. Everything is fluid," the former Yankees player said. "Everything's been put on just a pause and see where the world takes it."


Lopez also appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show from home, and confirmed the coronavirus pandemic has changed their plans. " I really don't know what's gonna happen now as far as dates or anything like that," the singer said. "We are just kind of in a holding pattern like the rest of the world. So, again, it's just something we have to wait and see in a few months how this all pans out."

Meanwhile, the New York Post is reporting the couple are no longer in talks to buy the New York Mets as part of a partnership with Long Island biotech billionaire Wayne Rothbaum. Sources told the outlet Rothbaum wanted more control over the team than Rodriguez and Lopez were comfortable with. "The Rothbaum thing soured fast," a source said.