Alex Rodriguez Confirms Wedding to Jennifer Lopez is 'on Pause'

Former New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez proposed to Jennifer Lopez on March 9 2019, surprising fans around the world. The celebrity couple has not exchanged vows in the year since, and they won't be doing so in the near future. Apparently, the wedding is now "on pause."

Rodriguez appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday and spoke about the upcoming nuptials. The wedding was originally planned for summer 2020, but the COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in some serious changes. The actual date of the wedding is now out of their control as they remain in self-quarantine like many others around the world. Fallon had been wondering why he didn't receive an invitation, but Rodriguez had the explanation.

"We have to go with the flow now. Everything is fluid," Rodriguez said to Fallon during the appearance. "Everything's been put on just a pause and see where the world takes it." Rodriguez also revealed that the coronavirus pandemic affected his daughter Ella's 12th birthday. They had to have a "drive-thru" birthday in which nearly 300 cars drove by their home with well-wishes.

Interestingly enough, this birthday celebration led to the creation of some jokes about their altered ceremony. Rodriguez revealed that there have been comments about a "drive-thru wedding" when the ceremony becomes possible once again. For now, however, the former baseball star and the singer are remaining safe at home.

Lopez also provided some insight into the postponed wedding during a recent appearance on Ellen DeGeneres' show. She explained that the coronavirus put them in a "holding pattern." They have no idea when they will be able to exchange vows and will simply wait and see.


"It did affect it a little bit," Lopez said to Ellen DeGeneres. "So we'll see what happens now. ... I really don't know what's gonna happen now as far as dates or anything like that. We are just kind of in a holding pattern like the rest of the world. So, again, it's just something we have to wait and see in a few months how this all pans out."

The exact date of the upcoming wedding is unknown, but Rodriguez and Lopez have both provided some details. They plan on tying the knot in a church, which would be a first for Lopez. This could also be a destination wedding. Rodriguez previously said that "it's gonna be a long flight" to the ceremony.