Jana Kramer Responds to Troll Suggesting She Divorce Mike Caussin Following Past Cheating Allegations

Jana Kramer is not here for any negativity regarding her relationship with her husband, Mike Caussin. According to Us Weekly, the One Tree Hill alum hit back when a troll told her that she should "just get divorced already" due to past cheating allegations concerning Caussin. In turn, Kramer didn't hold back as she defended her relationship on social media.

The whole matter was prompted after a social media user shared an article in which Kramer admitted that she still has a hard time fully trusting her husband. The user said that given what the actor had to say about her relationship, she should "just get divorced already." But, Kramer had plenty to say about their message. She wrote on Twitter on Monday, "When You don't know the ins and out about addiction and the work we continue to do, you shouldn't speak on it. We are open because we helping people do the work to become stronger, just like we have. So no thanks. Not gonna divorce a good man." Kramer added in a second tweet, "Apparently, everyone has a picture-perfect relationship. [Shake my head]."

That wasn't all that she had to say about the matter, though. She admitted that it isn't easy to navigate through these challenges in the spotlight. Kramer then shared a message for anyone who may be in a similar position, writing, "It takes a lot of hard work to dive in and do therapy to see the good, bad and ugly of yourself and your partner. Fight the good fight. You will be stronger. So will your marriage. So will YOU."

Kramer once again addressed the troll's message on Tuesday. She said, in reference to the fact that she and Caussin are open about some of the issues that they've faced, "It takes too much of my time to defend to those that don't listen every week and that don't know us." The "Whiskey" singer added, "But telling someone to divorce is just wrong. They will never understand. But guess what. That's okay. Just makes me want to continue to fight harder and love deeper."


It was alleged that Caussin cheated on Kramer in 2016. He reportedly then sought out treatment for sex addiction. While the pair temporarily split amidst this scandal, they subsequently reconciled. Ever since they got back together, the two have been open about their marriage, with Kramer even opening up to Us Weekly about the level of trust that she has with Caussin. "I trust him today. He's showing up today. He's showing up as a father, he's showing up as a husband and he's living with integrity," she told the outlet in January. "And I had to do my work to continue to trust him the next day after that. And to continue to see his growth and our growth together. I do trust my husband. Can [I say] 1000 percent? I don't know if I can say that. I just … I trust my husband today."