Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes Have Officially Broken Up, Sources Say

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have officially broken up, according to new sources. The couple are [...]

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have officially broken up, according to new sources. The couple are said to have been dating for about six years, but Page Six is now citing insiders who say the couple have gone their separate ways. Photos recently surfaced that implied Foxx may be cheating on Holmes. However, sources say she was recently over heard discussing the situation with some friends, and she was quoted as saying, "What Jamie does is his business — we haven't been together for months."

Foxx was recently spotted out with model Sela Vave at the Bootsy Bellows club in L.A., which is what led to the speculation about he and Holmes splitting up.

The photos of the pair together came just weeks after Vave had posted ion Instagram about being "on stage" with Foxx at another event.

While Foxx and Holmes had reportedly been together for the past six years, they only recently went public, turning up at the 2019 Met Gala together.

Previously, a source close to the couple told PEOPLE that they both were very busy, but tried hard to make time for each other whenever they could.

"When they can spend time together, they do," the source said. "When they're busy and they can't, they don't. They are two adults who enjoy each other's company and have for a long time."

The source went on to explain how the couple managed to find time for one another, especially considering they are both parents.

"Katie and Jamie see each other as frequently as they can," the source said. "They have known each other for years, and both turned out to be great parents, so they also have that in common. They are dedicated to their careers. Plus they give each other space."

Interestingly, back in February — ahead of the Met Gala — Foxx reportedly was telling people that he was single at a charity event sponsored by the Academy Awards.

"It was very nonchalant," one source said. "While he was referring to married and single couples, he just dropped the line 'I'm single.'"

"Right before he sang, he told the crowd he's single," another source added. "He had a lot of women on stage and danced with them! He told the crowd, 'I'm single.'"

At this time, neither Foxx nor Holmes appear to have commented on split publicly.