Jake Paul's Fiancee Tana Mongeau Pulls Pregnancy Scare Prank in New Video

YouTube stars Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau have been documenting the entirety of their brief [...]

YouTube stars Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau have been documenting the entirety of their brief relationship on the online platform, and the duo continued to provide content for their fans with Mongeau's latest video, which featured the 21-year-old pulling a pregnancy prank on her fiancé.

In the clip, titled "'I'M PREGNANT' PRANK ON JAKE (he literally cried)," Mongeau tells Paul she has some news for him that he may not like before telling him that she's pregnant. She even showed him a fake pregnancy test to add some authenticity to her prank, with the test reading positive.

After a stunned silence, Paul asked his fiancée whether the pregnancy was "for real," to which she replied in the affirmative and said that she had been feeling nauseous and decided to take a pregnancy test, which she showed Paul.

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"Why do you think I'd be mad at you?" he asked her. "We just gotta handle this."

The couple then discusses what to do about the situation, with Mongeau noting, "It's not like we ever had that conversation." She also told Paul that she is not on birth control and expressed frustration that people were already speculating about the pair's relationship.

After telling Mongeau to "f— what anyone thinks," Paul suggests talking to their moms before musing, "We did something and we have to be responsible."

Mongeau incredulously asked if that comment meant he wanted to keep their hypothetical child before yelling that she doesn't know what to do, noting on the screen that her yelling had taken things "too far."

She finally came clean by telling Paul to call his mom "because this is a prank," proudly applauding her acting skills and proclaiming, "I deserve a Grammy! Or an Oscar. Is it a Grammy?"

After lying prone on the bed for a few seconds, Paul noticed that Mongeau's camera is perched across the room and began to get up and leave before telling Mongeau, "I am so f—ing relieved. We're f—ing 20."

"That's not even funny," he added before leaving the room and proclaiming to the rest of the house, "Im not the father!"

"fingers crossed i don't get actually pregnant as karma for this," Mongeau wrote in the video's caption.

Mongeau and Paul had only been dating for a few months before they got engaged in Las Vegas in June, with the duo announcing the news on Instagram and Twtiter.

After fans began questioning whether the engagement was real, as Paul had admitted that one of his previously relationships with another YouTuber was fake, Mongeau seemed to confirm that yes, the couple is indeed engaged.

Photo Credit: YouTube / Tana Mongeau