Hoda Kotb Hints at New Relationship on 'Today'

Hoda Kotb appears to be ready for a new relationship! She said on the Today show this week that she is hoping her co-host Jenna Bush Hager will set her up on a date, hinting that there is no reconciliation coming in her most recent relationship. Kotb, 58, and her long-time fiance Joel Schiffman — with whom she shares two children — announced their breakup in January. Now it sounds like the beloved morning show host is looking for love once again.

Kotb mentioned her relationship status on Tuesday's episode of Today With Hoda & Jenna, noting that Hager is "really good at setting people up." Hager took the hint, saying that she wants to work her magic in Kotb's life as well. Kotb responded bluntly: "Okay, I want to be set up." Hager seemed taken aback by how direct this was, but she was willing and eager to take on the task. She said: "I have chills! That is a challenge that I am going to go for."

On Tuesday, Kotb said that she trusted Hager to find her a new match that could be even more meaningful for her and her family. She said: "You know me and I trust you. If you didn't know me, even if we were anchoring and pretending, then I wouldn't say yes. But you do know me." Hager responded, "Oh my gosh, I'm so excited... I've got a lot to do. I've gotta go, I've gotta go!"

Kotb and Schiffman were together for eight years, with their relationship becoming well known to fans in the more personal segments on The Today Show. The duo adopted two daughters together – 5-year-old Haley and 3-year-old Hope. However, after they split, Kotb kept custody of the two kids.


Kotb has hinted before that she is open to more romance in her life. Back in May, she said: "I haven't really thought about who I would see myself with, but I do have to say something. My sister even said and asked me at one point, 'Are you afraid to be by yourself?' And I said to her, 'I'm not going to be by myself.' And I don't know why I said it so clearly, but I actually knew that my heart is open. I have an open heart. It's not hard. It's not covered over. So, I know at some point and I can see it, it will happen. When? I can't say, but I assured her, I said, 'Oh, don't worry. No worries. I'm gonna be just fine.'"