'Good Morning America': Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes Likely Won't Return Until 2023

Good Morning America anchors Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes will most likely stay off the air until at least January, insiders at the network say. A source at GMA3 spoke to reporters from TMZ, saying that the investigation into Robach and Holmes' secret romance is far from over. Coupled with the usual complications of the holidays, this means fans shouldn't expect to see them on air until at least 2023.

ABC News has made it clear that Robach and Holmes were taken off the air to avoid "distractions" for viewers and colleagues, not because their extra-marital affair violated any rules. However, it has now been two weeks since they anchored GMA3 and there's no sign of that hiatus ending yet. While ABC conducts an internal investigation of their behavior, the two reportedly had time off scheduled for the holidays already. That hectic schedule means they are essentially off until January at the very least.

The insiders confirmed that the investigation into Robach and Holmes' relationship is still ongoing within ABC News. The two anchors are reportedly hanging back throughout the process, relying on their legal teams to communicate with ABC about the investigation. They are reportedly committed to doing this by the books and making sure everything is unimpeachable from here on out.

Holmes and Robach are both married to people outside of the news media industry, but in late November paparazzi caught them on a romantic getaway together. The story made headlines because social media sleuths were able to compile extensive "evidence" of their closeness from GMA clips and behind-the-scenes content. Many have speculated about when exactly this affair started, but so far it hasn't been reliably confirmed.

What has been confirmed is that Robach and Holmes both began the process of divorcing their respective spouses sometime around August of this year. Robach was reportedly closer to finalizing her split when this story first broke, but it's not clear where things stand now. Holmes and Robach were both living separately from their spouses already.

Even in the new year, it seems hard to imagine Holmes and Robach returning to the air without causing a "distraction" as ABC News executives fear. There's no guarantee that they will return to the same roles or share the screen together at all. ABC has not publicly announced any plans for the couple. Good Morning America continues to air on weekdays with a rotating lineup of fill-in anchors.