'Fast & Furious' Star Jordana Brewster and Husband Andrew Form Separate After 13-Year Marriage

Jordana Brewster and her husband, Andrew Form, are reportedly heading their separate ways. On [...]

Jordana Brewster and her husband, Andrew Form, are reportedly heading their separate ways. On Saturday, PEOPLE reported that the Fast & Furious star and her husband of about 13 years have decided to separate. The split is reportedly an "amicable" one, and the couple will continue to co-parent their two sons, Julian and Rowan, together.

A source told PEOPLE that Brewster and Form "quietly separated" earlier this year, alleging that though they have the "utmost respect for each other," they "remain committed to lovingly co-parent their two children as a team." The couple share sons Julian, 6, and Rowan, who will be 4 years old later this month. Representatives for Brewster and Form have not commented on this news as of yet.

Brewster and Form, a film producer, initially met on the set of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, in which she starred, and he produced. Ahead of their 2007 wedding, the actor opened up about the pair's initial courtship phase, telling InStyle Weddings that they first began dating in secret. "We started dating in secret – you know, hanging out in my trailer – because it would have been unprofessional otherwise," Brewster told PEOPLE. "But every day, Andrew wore these work boots to the set, and if I was lying down in the shot or there was equipment in the way, I'd look for his shoes. It was comfortable just to know he was nearby."

After The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning finished shooting in the fall of 2005, Brewster and Form stayed in a resort in the Bahamas for Christmas. She then moved into her beau's Hollywood Hills home shortly after. Brewster previously discussed this move, admitting that she never thought that she would move in with a partner before marriage.

"I was always the girl who said I'd never move in with someone before I got married, and then I just did it. I'm the biggest hypocrite ever! I had been dating him for only a little over a month, but I never went back to living in my apartment," she said. "Form later proposed to Brewster on their first anniversary with a 3.2-carat emerald-cut diamond and platinum ring. They then tied the knot in May 2007 in a private ceremony on Nevis Island, a location in the Caribbean Sea.