'DWTS' Alum Shawn Johnson's Husband Andrew East Passes out, Gets Stitches in His Head

Shawn Johnson's husband, Andrew East, was rushed to the emergency room after he passed out at home. In a video shared to his Instagram account as well as their joint YouTube page, East documented the scary accident, which required him to receive nine stitches and resulted in his Dancing With the Stars alum and Olympic gold medal gymnast wife breaking down.

"Humbled," East captioned the video, which shows him collapsing in his Nashville, Tennessee, home gym. "To be conscious one moment, and then gone the next... everything has honestly been going extremely well, everything seems to be happening according to the plans I've had for our family, but this was a reminder that we are NOT in control. this so easily could have turned out much more grim."

In the video, East explained that "as soon as I put the bar on the rack I went from being fully conscious to…Nothing. And that began this one-hour period where I literally don't remember anything."

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The former Washington Redskins player said that he was unconscious for "several minutes" and was taken to the emergency room after his friend arrived and "saw a puddle of blood." Johnson, meanwhile, "was asleep upstairs and unaware of any of this" and only found out after East called her from the hospital.

After receiving nine stitches and being hospitalized overnight for observation, East was discharged and returned home.

"So I called Shawn and let her know I would be coming home," East recalled, adding that he heard his wife "cry and really sob like I hadn't heard you sob before."

"I realize that we have a daughter now who we are fully responsible for, who depends on us literally for her life," East said of the scary experience. "I think it has given me this perspective of gratitude and submission and what are my priorities and how can I honor those priorities?"


The medical emergency came just three weeks after the couple, who married in April of 2016, welcomed their first child together, daughter Drew Hazel East. Born just two years after the couple suffered a miscarriage, the little girl was born via C-section on Oct. 29 weighing 8lbs 8oz. and measuring 20.5 inches long. Her name, Johnson later revealed, was a way to pay homage to East.