Diddy Speaks out After Lori Harvey Belly Rubs Spark Pregnancy Chatter

Diddy's girlfriend Lori Harvey is reportedly not pregnant, in spite of growing speculation among fans. The couple raised eyebrows last week when Diddy was seen rubbing Harvey's belly, but now sources close to the couple tell TMZ that this was just "playful."

Diddy and Harvey were photographed on the street last Sunday arriving home from a romantic getaway in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. In the pictures, Diddy had his hand on Harvey's midsection — a conscious gesture that had many fans thinking there was a baby on the way. However, they may be disappointed.

Sources close to Diddy said that he was "just playing" when he reached out for Harvey's midsection. In fact, they said that the rapper was complimenting Harvey on her strong abs, which were partially exposed in her open shirt. Harvey wore an oversized white dress shirt on Sunday with the sleeves rolled up, and just one button above her navel fastened. Underneath it she wore a tight black crop top.

One photo showed Diddy facing Harvey, leaning forward and reaching his hand under her shirt to touch her abdomen. His eyes were focused on her midsection as well, and Harvey's expression looked serious, She held one hand near his as well.

However, another photo showed both looking a little more playful a moment later. Harvey grinned while Diddy cracked a smile, and they were practically arm-in-arm on the sidewalk.

While they may not be expecting a child, the source did admit that Diddy and Harvey are getting pretty serious in their relationship. The two have been together non-stop for several months now, including several big trips around the world. They have been spotted in New York City, Italy and other far-flung locales, not to mention this latest romantic trip to Mexico.

This weekend, Harvey accompanied Diddy to Atlanta, Georgia, where he was the headlining performer of the Revolt Summit festival.


Diddy may not be in a rush to have more children with Harvey anyway. The rapper has already had six children of his own — some of them older than Harvey herself. On top of that, he is still recovering from the passing of his long-time partner, Kimberly Porter, who passed away last year.

Harvey is the daughter of TV host Steve Harvey, and an Instagram star on the rise. The model is just 22 years old, however, and some fans are surprised by the age difference between her and 49-year-old Diddy.