Chip and Joanna Gaines Reveal How Working With Each Other Can Be 'a Very Hard Thing to Do'

Joanna Gaines and her husband, Chip might look like they've got it all, but the HGTV stars and Magnolia tycoons admit on top of the struggles in their own relationship amid building an empire, they were also very worried of losing everything they worked for at one point in their career. During an appearance at the INBOUND conference, a marketing and sales event that celebrates the human and helpful side of business, the Gaines revealed their real fears during their journey to success.

"The four or five years before we did the show, when the housing crisis hit, things were so hard for us," Gaines said, who appeared Friday alongside her husband, Chip per a report from PEOPLE. "For four or five years every Friday, we were saying, 'Are we gonna make it?'"

However, through the struggles while building their HGTV series and Magnolia kingdom, which has branched into partnerships with Target, Gaines admits they are thankful for never giving up on their dreams.

"We kept pressing through, even in those hard times," Gaines said. "The value of what we learned in that is something I'd never want to do again, but I'd never not want that. The hard is what makes us appreciate this."

While they might look like "couples goals" today, the two admit that working together isn't realistic for everyone.

"This is a very hard thing to do, to work together with someone you also have a relationship and a family with," Chip said. "We definitely disagree. It's not perfect. But for Jo and I, it really is a special bond we're extremely proud of. We work really well together."

Chip added that the two are a "odd yin and yang," in an "whole opposites attract" kind of way.

"It really was this powerful chemistry that happened early in our marriage. We enjoyed spending time together, taking on challenges together," he said. "I would argue that at the end of the day, we learned early that we're a lot stronger and powerful when we're pulling together, as opposites to pulling against each other. We're a powerful force when we operate like that."

The dad of five went on to reveal that the secret ingredient to their marriage and working relationship is to have solid, mutual respect for one another.

"We definitely disagree. It's not perfect. A lot of hard work goes into this, but if you can get to a mutual place of respect, you can change the world," he said.

The Gaines have been making some great strides with their own empire, announcing last November that they would be creating their own cable network in collaboration with Discovery Channel, sharing the first look this past July.

"Discovery is thrilled to confirm that we are in exclusive talks with Chip and Joanna Gaines," Discovery said in a statement at the time. "The Gaines' are exceptional people, true authentic storytellers and creative visionaries who will nourish millions of people with quality, family-friendly programming accessible on a 24/7 network and across all screens."

Discovery will re-launch one of its 12 U.S. channels as the new outlet, which will also have its own streaming service and reportedly re-launch Great American Country or DIY — a network that reaches about 60 million homes.


Photo credit: Noam Golai / Getty Images