Britney Spears and Sam Asghari Reportedly Desperate for Engagement Amid Conservatorship Battle

Britney Spears' boyfriend Sam Asghari reportedly can't wait to put a ring on the pop star's finger. A source close to the couple shares with Entertainment Tonight that the two are extremely hopeful for an engagement sometime soon. "Britney and Sam are an end-game couple. But for them, it's all about timing," the source tells the outlet. "All of their dreams for their relationship have been on pause due to the conservatorship. They haven't been able to progress like a normal adult couple. It's like dating in high school. That's been their experience for the last two years or so."

Spears testified during her conservatorship hearings that she has been longing for an engagement, but she hasn't been able to do a few things under her current arrangement. Spears revealed she wanted to do several things, including having more kids and getting married. With her father stepping down from his role, the couple may have a chance to walk down the aisle finally. "Things are finally looking up, and it's starting to become very real for them that soon they'll be able to take back the reins and have full control as a couple," the source added. "They are ready to embrace that next chapter and love each other without limits or without feeling like they are on a leash. Naturally, an engagement is the next step."

"It's never been a question of, 'Will it happen?' It's always been about when," the insider says. "They're finally getting closer to the 'when' thanks to Britney's conservatorship suit yielding in her favor. It's all very real for Sam especially, and engagement is on his mind now more than ever. He and Britney want that badly," the source notes, adding, "They want the whole family thing too. It's just a matter of timing."

Asghari's made it clear before about his plans for a wedding and life with the "Circus" singer, telling ET in 2019 that he "absolutely" wants to marry her. "This is something that every couple should do. That's the whole point of a relationship — we are a family," he said at the time. "Trust me, if we do ever get married, everybody's going to know," he added. "Actually, you might be the first one to know -- you never know!" He's recently been caught looking at rings while at Cartier in Beverly Hills, though it's not clear if he bought anything.