Bella Thorne Says Jake Paul Should Sign a Prenup After He Proposes to Her Ex, Tana Mongeau

Bella Thorne has some advice for her ex-girlfriends new fiance: prepare a pre-nuptial agreement.

Thorne has been strangely silent on Jake Paul's relationship with her ex, Tana Mongeau in recent weeks. The two YouTube stars reportedly got engaged this weekend on Mongeau's 21st birthday, and for Thorne it hit too close to home. In a tweet on Monday afternoon, she advised Mongeau to get a prenup in order before she gets legally entangled with Paul.

"You guys are a f-ing promo machine!" journalist Tom Ward tweeted at Paul. "If you go through with it, will you make [Tana Mongeau] sign a prenup?"

(Photo: Twitter @bellathorne)

"Jake needs to sign a prenup," Thorne fired back. She included two full rows of angry face emojis, showing what she thought of ward's question.

Fans are dying to hear what Thorne thinks of the apparent engagement, although there are questions as to whether it is even legitimate. Both Paul and Mongeau are prominent YouTubers, and Paul in particular is known for large-scale pranks and publicity stunts. Some fans questioned whether the proposal was even real, noting that Paul had not acknowledged it online. He remedied that on Monday afternoon.

"I proposed," he wrote simply.

(Photo: Twitter @bellathorne)

Before that, Mongeau had posted enough for the both of them about their lavish weekend. After buying her a car, Paul took Mongeau to Las Vegas for her birthday and presented her with a cake bearing the words "Will you marry me, Tana?" Later, she showed off her massive diamond ring.

Fans expected a big reaction from Thorne, who dated Mongeau for about a year before she started seeing Paul. The two had a highly public romance, which even started on social media. They also had an open relationship, and both had trysts with other stars and influencers while they were together.

Thorne and Mongeau announced their breakup in February, implying that they may have been split for a while beforehand. They both insisted that they remained close friends, and Thorne's tweet seems to support that story. However, earlier on Monday she shared a melancholy tweet that seemed to refer to Mongeau's engagement.

"I can't say this on the phone to u, we need to meet up it's over do [sic]..." she wrote.


Beyond that, Thorne may not have much time to comment on her ex's new engagement as she deals with controversies of her own. The actress released a cache of nude photos of herself earlier this month, explaining that she had been hacked, and did not want to be held hostage by the threat of their release.

Thorne's story has raised a huge inter-generational controversy, with pundits holding this up as the danger of taking or sending nude photos in the first place. Thorne was reportedly driven to tears when The View host Whoopi Goldberg condemned her on this week's episode.