Ashton Kutcher Gifts 'The Ranch' Co-Star Dax Shepard Hilarious Christmas Gift

Ashton Kutcher gave a cheeky present to his friend and co-star on The Ranch, Dax Shepard this [...]

Ashton Kutcher gave a cheeky present to his friend and co-star on The Ranch, Dax Shepard this Christmas to show that he will always be looking out for him.

Shepard posted a picture on Instagram showing the scale of his gift from Kutcher. The actor had printed up a massive picture of himself and his wife, Mila Kunis for Shepard to hang as a shower curtain. The tapestry-sized picture was nearly as tall as the two actors and put Kutcher and Kunis in proportions that, presumably, most people would be uncomfortable with having their friends in their shower.

"What a generous Christmas gift from the Kunis-Kutcher family," Shepard wrote sardonically. "A beautiful shower curtain for the attic(t) bathroom!"

(Photo: Instagram / Dax Shepard)

The gift was a reference to Shepard's podcast, Armchair Expert, which he records in the attic above his garage. Both Kutcher and Kunis have been featured in episodes of the podcast, and they along with many other guests mentioned the studio bathroom. The fully-functioning bathroom is wedged in a corner of the space, and while it is mostly hidden from view, there is no actual door to close.

The shower curtain is meant to fix that — either by replacing the door or shaming Shepard into installing one at last.

Shepard's followers must be pretty dialed into his sense of humor, as they found the shower curtain just as funny as he did. The comments filled with laughing-crying emojis and messages of good luck to Shepard as he looks for some peace and quiet in his own bathroom.

Shepard and Kutcher's friendship goes all the way back to MTV's Punk'd, where they starred together as young actors. They continue to work together today, as Shepard has just joined Kutcher on the cast of Netflix's The Ranch. However, the two have a strong bond outside of work as well.

Shepard's wife, Kristen Bell, is also close with Kunis, and the four of them are Hollywood's favorite double-date group. They have recorded podcasts together, featured on each other's social media posts and generally been cast as a group of fun friends to hang out with.

Kunis and Bell co-starred in Bad Moms and A Bad Moms Christmas, along with Kathryn Hahn. The three delighted fans with their chemistry during press tours, interviews and other events. In an interview with The Today Show, Kunis admitted that A Bad Moms Christmas drew quite a bit from hers and Bell's personal lives as mothers.

"I think it's incredibly accurate," Kunis said. "We ended up having so much say in what we felt throughout Christmas. So much of that was implemented in the movie, scattered around ... these are real stories."

A Bad Moms Christmas is currently streaming on Showtime. Part 6 of The Ranch just premiered on Netflix.