'Arrow' Actress Kate Cassidy Marries Matthew Rodgers in Florida Ceremony

Kate Cassidy married her fiance Matt Rodgers this weekend in a stunning ceremony, judging by her [...]

Kate Cassidy married her fiance Matt Rodgers this weekend in a stunning ceremony, judging by her Instagram posts.

The Arrow actress said her vows in Sunset Key, Florida. She posted a photo of herself and Rodgers celebrating with a kiss, while displaying her elegant white lace dress and her prodigious wedding ring.

"I can't help falling in love with you ... YES!" Cassidy wrote. "It's official! #MrsRodgers I love you my husband."

(Photo: Instagram / Katie Cassidy)

Cassidy and Rodgers have been together since at least November of 2016. Rodgers proposed in June of 2017. Since then, she has faced the passing of her father, Partridge Family actor David Cassidy, and the ensuing media circus.

The engagement has left many fans wondering about Rodgers, who seemingly keeps a low profile on social media. His old posts have mostly been deleted now. They revealed a serious passion for travel, as well as outdoor activities — particularly golf. More recently, however, they focus on Cassidy herself.

The 32-year-old actress has never been married before, though she took naturally to being a bride. She wore a long trailing dress, which Rodgers held clutched behind her in their photo, and she opted for her hair to be up in an intricate bun.

Rodgers, meanwhile, went bold with a white tuxedo jacket. The groom looked sharp with an over-sized bow tie, and his ring also shone through in Cassidy's photo.

The wedding was also the occasion for a family reunion, as Cassidy posted a selfie with her brother, Beau Cassidy. The two were embroiled in some awkward drama last fall as their father's inheritance came into question. David left behind about $180,000 in debt, with early reports suggesting that his net worth might actually be less than that.

In the end, it turned out to be a non-issue. David left plenty to cover his debts, according to The Blast, and Beau may have received as much as $2 million from the estate. He was the soul beneficiary of his father's will, as Cassidy was reportedly cut from the document entirely.

Cassidy had a complicated relationship with her father, as both of them have acknowledged in public interviews. In 2009, David told PEOPLE that he "didn't raise" Katie, so he "didn't have to be her parent."

"I'm always here and totally nonjudgmental," he added.

Whatever the case, David seems to have left behind two happy children, who came together to celebrate a happy day in Florida this weekend.