Ariel Winter Dresses as Pamela Anderson for Halloween

Ariel Winter pulled out all the stops for her Pamela Anderson Halloween costume, and fans on Instagram were stunned by the accuracy.

(Photo: Instagram / Ariel Winter)

Winter posted a photo of her outfit on Instagram on Saturday night. She was clad in a shiny silver shirt and a matching skirt with slits high up the sides. Her hair was blond and her make-up matched that of Anderson herself. She posed with her boyfriend, actor Levi Meaden, who dressed as Kid Rock. She included an actual picture of Anderson and Kid Rock as well, showing that the costumes were based on actual outfits that the two had once worn.

"Don’t worry, we’re also concerned by the accuracy," Winter captioned the post.

Winter's post picked up hundreds of thousands of likes, and a whole lot of comments. Most of them were compliments from fans, while just a few were negative. Some people decried Meaden's Kid Rock costume, noting that the singer's recent support for President Donald Trump and his inflammatory political rhetoric made him an unsavory subject for a Halloween costume.

"If you don't agree with kid rock why are you promoting him? You could have picked anyone but decided this was the best choice?" one fan asked.

Those comments seemed to be few and far between, however, while the backlash to them dominated Winter's comment section.

"The fact that you feel the need to have to justify your choice of a Halloween costume to anyone is ridiculous," put in one person. "You guys look great and hope you had fun with it."

"Beautiful. Don't worry, people hate so much that relates everything to politics," advised another. "Carry on. By the way, you look astonishing."

Another fan pointed out the slippery slope of condemning all villainous Halloween costumes, as it would soon weed out some of the Holiday's most classic figures.

"Hahaha... Vampires dont have the best moral code either, but I still dressed as one," a fan commented. "It's Halloween. You are supposed to have fun."


Meaden posted a photo of the costume as well, writing, "I'm not gonna say nailed it buttt..." He included the hashtag "no politics just nostalgia."

Winter and Meaden have been dating for a long time now, at least since November of 2016. The couple has been criticized at times for their age difference of more than a decade, but they have paid little attention and carried on anyway.