Anna Faris Selling Hollywood Home She Shared With Chris Pratt

Anna Faris is selling off her house in the Hollywood Hills, the place where she reportedly spent a lot of her time with her soon-to-be ex-husband Chris Pratt.

The house in the Nichols Canyon area is reportedly in Faris's name alone. She purchased it in 2005 for $1.995 million according to a report by Variety, and she now wants $2.5 million for the private little getaway.

However, property records show that Faris still co-owns another, larger home on the street with Pratt. The couple paid $3.3 million for the house in 2013, when they reportedly bought it from the president and CEO of Live Nation Entertainment, Michael Rapino. The shared residence will likely come into contention throughout the couples' arduous divorce proceedings.

Faris' rush to sell the 2,563-square-foot home in her old neighborhood matches the rumors that she's in a big hurry to get things over with between herself and Pratt. Insiders have said that Faris is concerned that Pratt will drag the divorce out, and she wants to get it over with as quickly as possible, in part because she hopes that her new boyfriend, Michael Barrett, will propose soon.

Sources close to the couple say that the more Faris tries to speed things up, the more inclined Pratt becomes to slow them back down. An insider told In Touch Weekly that Pratt was not pleased to see photos surfacing of his and Faris' son, Jack, getting to know Barrett so soon.

"She didn't sit Chris down and say, 'Jack is going to meet Michael,'" the source explained. "That conversation should have happened first, but it didn't. That's why Chris was so upset." They added that "The conversation" did ultimately happen, but only "after the photos of Jack and Michael came out."

Faris and Barrett have moved quickly from the very start. They took their relationship public just a month after Faris and Pratt's joint announcement that they were going to split up. Many followers can't help but speculate that there may have been some overlap, especially given Faris' history. In her 2017 memoir, Unqualified, she confessed that she left her first husband, actor Ben Indra, for Chris Pratt.


As a matter of fact, Indra and Faris lived together for a time in the smaller house in Nichols Valley, where Pratt later moved in. At least by selling the house, Faris is breaking some part of a cycle.