Amy Robach's Friends Fear ABC News Alum's Relationship With T.J. Holmes May Not Last

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes have been putting up a brave face and united front ever since their workplace romance was exposed via The Daily Mail in Nov. 2022. The two began dating while still married to other people, despite sources from each side claiming they'd been separated and heading toward divorce from their respective spouses. Neither divorce has been finalized as of yet, and Holmes' estranged wife, Marilee Fiebig, was reportedly blindsided by the affair and assumed, despite a separation, that she and Holmes were working things out. She's since blasted him for his insensitivity regarding their young daughter since the news broke. Holmes and Robach have been seen kissing and holding hands in the wake of their suspension turned firing from GMA3. But now, Robach's close friends worry about her as more women come forward to allege former workplace relationships with Holmes.

Page Six reports they believe Robach is "painting a picture of how happy in love they are," but they fear her career may be permanently damaged and not worth the fallout her relationship with Holmes has caused. The report notes that Robach "is still saying this is it… [they're] the real deal, but it's starting to feel maybe more like — instead of [her] being a firm believer [of their love], now it's more like she's trying to convince herself that's the case." Another source says the opposite, stating that Robach and Holmes, "they love each other" and say they are "best friends."

In the wake of reports that Holmes gifted Robach a promise ring to further solidify his commitment to her, a source says of the scandal: "They're two consenting adults who ended up loving each other. They were both going through their own hell [in difficult marriages]. They've been there for each other." 

But friends don't think Robach realizes the severity of the ordeal. Some "are really trying to get through to her in a way… maybe it's starting to work a little bit, but she truly feels like they're in love." 

Others are reportedly trying to warn her regarding Holmes' lack of ability to stay faithful to his partners. This is more evident to them after a fourth former co-worker has come forward with details about her past romance with Holmes.