Amanda Bynes' Engagement Has Been Called Off

Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael have ended their engagement, but with their relationship intact. A source told Entertainment Tonight that the couple called it off "sometime in 2021" after announcing they would wed in February 2020. 

"They are still together as a couple, but they have put a pause on their engagement and wedding planning," the source said. "They have gone through ups and downs together and personally, and realized they might have moved quickly, but they love each other and are still committed to one another." While Bynes and Michael put the wedding plans on hold, ET's source said they "are still in a committed relationship and take their relationship seriously."

"They wear rings now to show their loyalty to each other and as a symbol of learning and growing together," the source explained, "but the rings aren't everything to them." According to the source, Bynes and Michael are "busy, but working hard together" after ending their engagement.

"Amanda looks great and has gotten through many hard and significant experiences that have helped make her an incredible woman. She is sober, killing it, and doing better than ever," said the source. "Paul is in law school after working in healthcare for 10 years and doing well."

E! News spoke to a second source who cited "a series of significant" challenges causing the engagement's demise, including the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and intense public scrutiny. The insider added, "[They] are together working through the tough times."

The pair, who initially met at a sober living facility, first announced their engagement in February 2020, within a few months of their first encounter. There were reports the two had split a month later, but the couple denied ever breaking up, claiming their social media accounts had been hacked.

Recently, Bynes apologized to Michael for making a false claim about him relapsing into drug addiction in April. Later that month, Bynes spoke to E! News about the incident.

"I thought Paul relapsed, but I was wrong. He drug tested for me from a drug test kit I bought from CVS," she said. "The drug test was negative for all substances. Paul and I are staying together. I am so sorry for the confusion I caused."

In a statement to E! News, Michael said, "I am now sober from a relapse that may have happened long in the past, but I am not using now. I drug tested, and it was negative. The drug test was clean. 

"The relapse was not any significance or a controlled or illegal substance," he continued. "I am clean for many years. I called the police to collected my belongings that I needed. I have worked it out with her. We're together and moving past this moment."


Bynes and Michael recently collaborated on music, releasing two rap singles in April, "Diamonds" and "Fairfax." Michael confirmed they might begin to work on an album together.