Alex Rodriguez Cracks Joke About Being Single After Jennifer Lopez Breakup

Alex Rodriguez doesn't appear to be taking his breakup with Jennifer Lopez too seriously. The former MLB star was set to wed the "Jenny From the Block" singer. But amid a global pandemic with the coronavirus and having to push the wedding back several times, they ultimately called it quits, even after trying couples counseling. There were also rumors of cheating on Rodriguez's part. Lopez has since moved on with her former fiance and fellow actor Ben Affleck. But Rodriguez is OK.

He poked fun at his relationship, or lack thereof, with Lopez during the Thursday, Oct. 7 broadcast covering the American League Division Series on Fox News. Rodriguez, 47, was discussing Tampa Bay Rays players eating popcorn during the game. He hosted the special with co-stars Kevin Burkhardt, Frank Thomas, and David Ortiz. Producers included some olf footage of Rodriguez eating popcorn in the stands at the Super Bowl. At the time, he was dating Cameron Diaz. 

"It's not the first time people have eaten popcorn in the middle of the game," Burkhardt said as the footage played. Rodriguez laughed and added, "KB, that's maybe why I'm single." 


According to Entertainment Tonight, Rodriguez and Diaz dated from 2010 and 2011. The Other Woman star spoke about feeding Rodriguez popcorn during an 2011 interview on The Late Show with David Letterman. "We were watching the game and I was eating and I was getting down to the last couple pieces of popcorn and all of the sudden I see a hand coming in," she said. "Anybody who knows me does not put their hand in my food, especially when it's close to my mouth, and I said, 'What are you...? It's mine!' And I said, 'You know what? I love you too much. I'm going to give it to you, you deserve it.' And it was the only piece of popcorn that I even put near his face and they happened to have the camera on when I did it."