Al Roker and Wife Deb Roberts Mark Marriage Milestone With Picture Perfect Getaway

Today Show meteorologist Al Roker and ABC News journalist Deborah Roberts celebrated a major anniversary this weekend with a romantic trip to Pairs. The two shared several photos from their trip to France, where they met up with their 22-year-old daughter, Leila Roker, who graduated from the American University of Paris. Roker and Roberts married on Sept. 16, 1995, and are also parents to Nicholas, 19.

Roker, 67, and Roberts, 60, began sharing photos from Paris on Thursday, which marked the 26th anniversary of their wedding. "Today marks 26 years that [Roberts] and I started a wonderful adventure that continues to thrill and delight. Thank you for the love, laughter, and the children who are truly the gifts that keep giving," Roker wrote, alongside a photo taken outside a Paris cafe.

Roberts shared several photos from their wedding, as well as more pictures from their visit to France. "The sumptuous journey began 26 years ago today," Roberts wrote. "It has been a true and delicious adventure. Ups. Downs. Better. Worse. Coasting ...joyriding. And holding on tight along the way. So thrilled to share this full life with you [Roker] Happy anniversary dear. Here's to so many more!"

The couple later met up with Leila, who is working as a journalist in Paris. They dined at a restaurant on Friday, with a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower. Roberts called it the "best anniversary gift... ever." On Saturday, Robers shared several photos of Paris' monuments. "Serene Saturday. Monuments and moments," she wrote.

This is Roker's latest trip abroad after he spent part of the summer in Tokyo to cover the Olympics for NBC. Leila was there as well, so Roker got to spend more time with her. "My middle girl, Leila, is a production runner for the primetime show on Peacock, and she's always wanted to do this," Roker told PEOPLE in July. Leila was "fascinated" by the production runners when she was 3 years old during the Salt Lake City Olympics, and it was a job she has "always wanted to do."


Some of Roker's fondest memories with his family come from the Olympics. "Those are some of my fondest memories, bringing my kids to the Olympics and my wife Debra would come," he said this summer. "We would have great times. So for the kids, it's really kind of special for them to see this."

Just a few weeks ago, Roker's job put him in a dangerous situation as he reported from Louisiana when Hurricane Ida hit. Some of his fans thought he might have been too old to do this, but he assured them he is not. "For all those who were worried about me out on [Lake Pontchartrain] a), I volunteered to do this. Part of the job. b) My crew and I were safe and we are back at our hotel and c) for those who think I'm too old to be doing this, try and keep up," he shared on Instagram. "So happy You're safe. And sweetie you're the bomb. And we all know it," Roberts wrote to show support.