Kendall Jenner Attends 76ers Game With Ben Simmons' Mom

Kendall Jenner showed support for her rumored boyfriend, Ben Simmons on Monday night, attending a Philadelphia 76ers game wit his mom.

Jenner cheered from a court-side seat beside Julie Simmons, and the two seemed to get along great. With their support, 22-year-old Simmons and the rest of his team went on to beat the Houston Rockets 121 to 93 in a thrilling game. Simmons himself scored nine points and six assists.

Jenner kept it casual in a green pullover Patagonia sweatshirt, her hair in a loose bun. She did not make sacrifices on the jewelry, however, with her fleece collar nearly touching a pair of gold hoop earrings, and a number of thick rings on her hand. Jenner's nails were painted a deep blue, and her make-up was relatively subtle. Beside her, Simmons' mother wore a white collared shirt and bright pink lipstick.

(Photo: Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Jenner and Simmons have been romantically linked since May of 2018, though nothing has been officially confirmed yet. This is not the first time Jenner has cheered Simmons on at a game, either, nor the first time she has sat with his mother. In November, the two were court-side for a game between the 76ers and the Washington Wizards.

That was another great night for Simmons, who personally scored 13 points and 10 assists. The 76ers prevailed with a final score of 123 to 98. Photos from the game show Jenner and Simmons' mom laughing together over a private joke in the crowded stadium.

While they have not commented on the status of their rumored relationship, the evidence of a romance between Jenner and Simmons is very strong. Sources close to the couple have spoken to news outlets about their courtship, and they were even spotted on a romantic vacation together back in August. Last month, Simmons himself seemed to admit to the romance when he commented on a photo of Jenner on Instagram.


Still, not all fans have followed Jenner's budding romance with interest, as many feel that she is avoiding some things that she should address. Earlier this month, Jenner promised to reveal her "most raw story," and many fans thought it would have to do with the longstanding rumors about her sexuality.

Regardless of her orientation, they reasoned, it would send a powerful message for her to address the topic publicly. Instead, Jenner announced that she was joining forces with Proactiv after a lifetime of struggling with acne. Some fans rolled their eyes at this news, with little consideration for Simmons.