Oscars 2023: Who Was Missing From In Memoriam Segment?

The 2023 Academy Awards' "in memoriam" segment was missing a few major stars this year, and some fans were horrified by the ommissions. As the Oscars aired live, social media filled with tributes to the forgotten Hollywood professionals. However, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences did publish an extended list of memorials in its digital magazine A.frame, which was mentioned in the broadcast.

John Travolta introduced this year's "In Memoriam" segment, choking back tears as he honored his fallen colleagues. Travolta has been very open about his mourning for his co-star Olivia Newton-John, and he referenced her by telling the deceased stars that Hollywood is still "hopelessly devoted to you." After that, Lenny Kravitz performed the song "Calling All Angels" live while the mournful slideshow played. it included tributes to Newton-John, Angela Lansbury, Ray Liotta, Jean-Luc Godard, Irene Cara, Kirstie Alley, Raquel Welch, Nichelle Nichols, Burt Bacharach, Vangelis, and many more.

Still, fans were quick to note who was missing from the televised slideshow. A major omission was actor Paul Sorvino, known for the movie Goodfellas and other iconic performances, as well as Anne Heche, who passed away in a car crash in August. Fans noted that actress Charlbi Dean Kriek was left out of the slideshow in spite of the fact that she starred in Triangle of Sadness, which was nominated for best picture this year. Others wondered why actor Leslie Jordan wasn't included, as well as Lisa Marie Presley, who was heavily involved in the Oscar-nominated Elvis movie this year.

It seemed like more recent deaths were less likely to be added to the slideshow. It did not include actor Tom Sizemore, who passed away just this month due to complications with a brain aneurysm. Sizemore was one of the stars of the Oscar-nominated film Saving Private Ryan, though he never got an individual nomination himself. Meanwhile, host Jimmy Kimmel actually joked about leaving the late actor Robert Blake off of the "In Memoriam" list. Blake died just last week at the age of 89, and Kimmel was referencing the way Blake's long acting career was overshadowed by his criminal allegations. Blake was tried for the murder of his wife Bonny Lee Bakley in 2005, and while he was ultimately acquitted he was found liable for her death in a civil lawsuit afterward.

It makes sense that the Oscars would abbreviate its "In Memoriam" segment for the televised broadcast as it tries to shorten its ceremony and keep the night engaging for casual viewers. Fans can find the more complete list of memorials here in the Academy's A.frame digital magazine. Meanwhile, the occasion gave fans a chance to post their own tributes to their favorite stars on social media.