Sports Media Has a Field Day With Baker Mayfield Trench Coat Photo

Following the addition of Odell Beckham Jr. to the roster and the hiring of Freddie Kitchens as the head coach, there were expectations that the Cleveland Browns would be a top team in the AFC in 2019. However, that has not been the case as the Ohio-based franchise has fallen to a 2-6 record amid offensive struggles. To cap off a loss to the Denver Broncos, second-year quarterback Baker Mayfield showed up to his postgame press conference looking rather worse for wear.

Donned in a trench coat and bearing a new mustache, the runner-up for the 2018 Offensive Rookie of the Year award appeared to be completely disheartened and lost for words after a loss to a similarly struggling Broncos team. The swagger that he displayed throughout his rookie year and into the preseason was gone and had been replaced by a look of pure defeat.

Of course, this appearance at the podium did not spark sympathy from those on social media. Instead, this proved to be an opportunity to poke fun at Mayfield's outfit and ask questions about his alternate life as a down-on-his-luck detective.

Interestingly enough, multiple media members referred to Mayfield as someone in law enforcement, with Jemele Hill of The Athletic saying that he looked like a hard-drinking detective in danger of losing his badge. Although many others simply compared the Browns QB to Randy Marsh from South Park.

The jokes and comparisons continued throughout Sunday evening and into Monday morning as multiple media outlets and fans alike tried to figure out the best comparison for Mayfield's outfit. Is he one of the Wet Bandits from Home Alone? Is he a plumber? The questions went on and on. Although some simply believed this to be an imposter dressed up as the Browns QB.

Of course, the trench coat was not the only aspect of Mayfield's appearance that drew considerable attention. The mustache actually became a bigger talking point due to it being different than the facial hair with which he arrived at the stadium.

As various photos showed, Mayfield had a full beard as he arrived at the stadium, but he shaved that into a mustache with long, draping tendrils for the game. After the defeat, he shaved once again and arrived with a standard mustache.


For many fans and media members alike, this dedication to his facial hair was an issue because they believed it to be distracting him from winning games. Whether or not this is accurate is irrelevant on social media considering that the Browns have fallen out of playoff contention and are viewed by many as a circus more than they are a football team.

(Photo Credit: Dustin Bradford/Getty)