'Jersey Shore's Snooki Reveals She's Been Trying to Get Pregnant

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has been hoping that she and her husband, Jionni Lavalle, can have a third child, as she explained to Us Weekly in a recent interview.

The Jersey Shore star said that she and Lavalle officially began trying to get pregnant again two months ago. So far, it hasn't happened, and Polizzi believes it might have something to do with her stress levels. She has been filming non-stop ever since the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation reboot took off, and she feels that she needs to relax a bit to allow things to progress.

“We’ve actually been trying for two months now and it’s not happening,” she revealed. “So I’m just gonna relax. If it happens, it happens."

Polizzi added that she has nothing to complain about in her idyllic life. She and LaValle already have two children — 6-year-old Lorenzo and 4-year-old Giovanna — and their marriage is thriving. Meanwhile, she just opened her very own clothing shop in Madison, New Jersey called The Snooki Shop.

“It’s not like we even try hard. The love we have for each other and our kids just makes it easy,” she said. “Obviously we have some days where I’m like, ‘Go away.’ But we’re doing amazing, clearly, cause we want more kids.”

Polizzi and LaValle got married in November of 2014. While they are hoping to expand their own family, the are also celebrating their growing extended family through the Jersey Shore cast. Polizzi spoke about Deena Cortese's recently announced pregnancy, and the advice she gave her friend.

“I’m like, ‘Girl, don’t indulge in everything,’” she said. “With [Lorenzo] I ate everything, and it took me a year to lose the weight."

The second time around, Polizzi said she found more balance in her pregnancy diet.

“I treated myself once a week and I still worked out and I lost the baby weight in two weeks,” she revealed. “If you splurge once a week, and don’t do it every day, it’s not going to be that hard to get your body back.”


Cortese is currently expecting her first child, along with her husband Chris Buckner. The two got married one year ago this month, and recently announced that they will soon be having a boy.

In addition to reality TV and high-end retail, Polizzi continues to thrive on YouTube, where she posts vlogs, DIY projects and parenting advice. In her online ventures, she tries to stay away from the "Snooki" moniker, though a recent ad with Megabus revealed that she is still good-natured about the nickname.