Cara Delevingne Snaps Back at Twitter Troll Who Told Her to Get a 'Real Job'

Think before you tweet, especially to Cara Delevingne

The 24-year-old actress set a Twitter troll straight on Saturday when they told her to focus on finding a “real job,” Entertainment Tonight reports. 

It all started when the model tweeted about her excitement for an upcoming project that she was “very nervous” for.

Shortly after, the trolling began. The user wrote, "@Caradelevingne hopefully an interview for a real job. Your looks will fade, Cara. You can't cash in on your eyebrows forever."

"You will regret saying that," she wrote in response. "I am actually trying to do something good. This has nothing to do with my 'looks.'"

"You are just a another thirsty man who puts people down for attention on twitter and who thinks that looks are all that's important," she followed up, after the criticism continued. "Try doing something for the world, period! I have no time no another man trying to tear down a woman for being successful."

The follower responded by telling Delevingne he was simply sharing “career advice.”

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"Stop being rude, Cara. I am just giving you career advice to help you succeed. Maybe listen to it. Might get you somewhere," the person wrote and then began bragging about his "very successful career," being "very famous," and only wanting to help.

"Good for you!," Delevingne replied. "I hope that makes you happy. You certainly have an interesting way of trying to help people."

Soon after, Cara’s secret project was revealed. The UN Foundation Girl Up announced that she was meeting with refugees in Uganda.

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