Arnold Schwarzenegger's Catchphrase On The New Celebrity Apprentice Is 'You're Terminated'

Viewers waited with bated breath to find out the cool catchphrase that would come from Arnold Schwarzenegger's mouth to let contestants know they were eliminated from this season of The New Celebrity Apprentice and now we have the answer. Arnold's catchphrase is "You're terminated." If that wasn't predictable enough, he also followed up the show's first firing by telling Carrie Keagen to "Get to the chopper."

Considering the amount of famous phrases Arnold has uttered in his long career in Hollywood, the show's producers had any number of great options to choose from. The show's previous host, Donald Trump, merely uttered a simple "You're fired" to get the job done, which quickly became his signature saying.

All the odds pointed towards Schwarzenegger uttering a playful pun on his seminal role as a robotic assassin in the Terminator franchise, so the "You're terminated" came as no surprise. However, once we were all lulled into the lackluster and predictable pun, fans of the action star got to hear Arnold recreate one of his famous lines from Predator with the chopper bit.

Here's hoping that every week we'll get to hear Arnold say one of his many classic lines from one of his films after telling someone they're terminated. Eventually maybe we'll get to hear someone call a contestant a "party pooper."

This is the 15th season of the reality competition show where people of varying backgrounds in business compete to show they have what it takes in a competitive business setting. This is the first year in which the former governor of California is hosting the show, as the previous host had to abandon the project so he could be the president of the United States.

Amongst the contestants on this season's show are former Saturday Night Live star Jon Lovitz, Jersey Shore celebrity Snooki, '80s music icon Boy George, and Lisa Leslie, one of the best WNBA athletes of all time.

It's sad that we won't get to hear any of Schwarzenegger's incredible lines from Batman and Robin, as many of them would have been applicable to the show. He could have told contestants to "Chill out," "Cool it," or even complimented contestants by telling them their work "Kicks ice." Oh well, we always have next year!

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