Watch: DWTS Tom Bergeron Says Ryan Lotche Protestors 'Wasn't a Bit,' Unaired Footage Surfaces

Good Morning America has exclusive video with Tom Bergeron reporting that the protesters who stormed the stage to get to Ryan Lotche were not set up as a hoax by the show.

"It wasn't a bit, it was really unnerving and I applaud our security team."

Lotche himself thought it was a stunt set up by the show until he saw a member of the security team dive on one of the men protesting and tackle him.

The men, revealed to both be from the Los Angeles area, were wearing white t-shirts with Lotche's name crossed out within a red circle. They were both removed from the building immediately.  The unaired footage below shows the judges looking fearful and confused. 

This article first appeared at Womanista.