Here Is What Is Holding Up The Heat 2


In 2013, Paul Feig's R-rated buddy cop movie, The Heat, cleaned up at the box office, pulling in $230 million at the worldwide box office. For its two leads, Melissa McCarthy (Ghostbusters) and Sandra Bullock (Gravity), it became one of their most successful films, cracking the top-five for both. 

In April 2013, two months before its release, Feig confidently announced that there would be a sequel, but come October of that same year, Bullock threw cold water on those plans. She told members of the press she didn't want to make The Heat 2 because previously sequels she worked on -- Speed 2: Cruise Control and Miss Congeniality 2-- turned out poorly.

During a recent press junket (via cinemablend) for Ghostbusters, screenwriter Katie Dippold, who wrote The Heat, was asked about the current status of the sequel.

"Heat 2 is not going to happen, unfortunately, unless we can get Sandra Bullock to change her mind. And I'm still hoping she will," she said. "She's a lovely woman, a phenomenal actress and comedic performer, and I'm hoping she hears these words [laughter] because I really want to do it!"

Uptight FBI Special Agent Sarah Ashburn and foul-mouthed Boston cop Shannon Mullins couldn't be more incompatible. But when they join forces to bring down a ruthless drug lord, they become the last thing anyone expected...buddies.

The film starred Sandra Bullock as Special Agent Sarah Ashburn and Melissa McCarthy as Det. Shannon Mullins. It also included Taran Killam as Adam, Dan Bakkedahl as Craig, Spoken Reasons (Rojas), Jane Curtin as Mrs. Mullins, Michael Rapaport as Jason Mullins, Marlon Wayans as Levy, Demian Bichir as Hale, Bill Burr as Mark Mullins, and Michael McDonald as Julian.

The film was helmed by Paul Feig, the director of Bridesmaids and the upcoming Ghostbusters.