Exclusive: Abby Anderson Recalls Early Importance of Piano Lessons


Exclusive: Abby Anderson Recalls Early Importance of Piano Lessons

You Won't Believe What Kevin Owens Said On SmackDown Live

Tuesday night's edition of WWE SmackDown started off with a bang, and it closed with a shocking statement from one of WWE's biggest stars.

Carmella and James Ellsworth opened the show in the ring when they were immediately interrupted by Kevin Owens. The announcers said that she was about to wrestle Natalya (she eventually did), but Owens came out and immediately demanded the referee turn over his shirt to him. Just like last week, Owens was going to referee.

Shane McMahon's music hit as the SmackDown commissioner made his way to the ring. He got on the microphone and talked about how Owens has failed to win the U.S. title despite every advantage, including picking his own referee a couple of weeks ago with Baron Corbin. He claimed all of Owens' problems were his own.

Owens retorted by stating that everything on the show goes through McMahon, and he implied that the show is all about him. Owens said that he wishes he was still on RAW, and Shane asked if that was because Triple H handed him the Universal title?

Owens then went off. He demeaned Shane and his family, talking about how there's nothing he won't do for attention. Owens then spoke about how Shane's cries for attention might go back to his own dad not giving him enough attention as a kid. Owens asked if that's why he is willing to do anything for attention, including parading his own kids out for his entrance and having them watch him fall off of a cage.

McMahon immediately told Owens not to mention his kids again. Owens then talked about Shane screaming for his father's attention, saying "look Daddy, I can fall off a cell" and "look Daddy, I can survive a helicopter crash."

It was the next line, though, that will get all of the replays.

"You know what, man? I'm gonna be real honest with you right now. Your entire family would of been better off if you hadn't survived that crash. Everyone. Your dad. Your wife. And especially your kids."


Shane then jumped Owens and pummeled him all over ringside, into the announce position. Eventually officials came out to break up the fight, including Daniel Bryan who screamed "What are you doing?!" Bryan had a legitimate look of concern on his face as Shane backed away looking psychopathic. It was really tremendous television.

Following a commercial break, Owens was backstage with Bryan. He told Bryan to enjoy his time as General Manager because he is about to literally make SmackDown the Kevin Owens show. Owens said that he is going to sue McMahon and the company for what happened and personally file charges against Shane.

Later in the show, Daniel Bryan came to the ring and claimed to have just gotten off the phone with Vince McMahon. Under the chairman's orders, Bryan told Shane that he has been "indefinitely suspended," though Bryan built it up like he was going to be fired.

With this story now evolving into Kevin Owens looking to literally take over possession of SmackDown, I can't wait to see where they go next. What a great opening to Tuesday night's show.