WWE UK Champion Suffers Nasty Injury At Independent Show

WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne suffered an injury during a match on Friday night that will sideline him for the rest of the weekend.

Dunne was performing on Friday night for Battle Club Pro Wrestling in Brooklyn. He was wrestling Darius Carter in the main event of the show and was legitimately cut open, resulting in substantial bloodshed (we are not yet sure the extend of the injury). According to Michael Oleaga of Top Rope Press, who was in attendance at the show, Dunne and Carter wrestled all across the gymnasium and the match rushed to its finish suddenly when Dunne started bleeding.

According to Oleaga, "it appeared the cut occurred when Carter used one of his championship belts to attack Dunne during a moment in the match when The Carnies tag team and fellow British Strong Style members Trent Seven and Tyler Bate interfered in the non-title match. Another report suggested the cut occurred when Darius performed the Pedigree on Dunne, which did look awkward."

The report further says that Dunne immediately put his opponent in a submission hold when he realized he was bleeding and Carter tapped out. Dunne reportedly did not look pleased as he left the arena.

The reason this is such a disappointing injury for Dunne is that he was supposed to perform for PROGRESS Wrestling this weekend as part of their first New York City show that has been promoted in a big way for several months. Dunne was supposed to defend his WWE UK Title against fellow WWE competitor Jack Gallagher, and WWE was also promoting the match due to their working relationship with PROGRESS. In addition, Dunne is the current PROGRESS Wrestling champion.

Early Saturday morning, PROGRESS announced on Twitter that Dunne will no longer be able to perform at the show due to not being medically cleared. However, he will still be in attendance and make an appearance at both the New York City and Boston events this weekend.

[H/T to Top Rope Press for the eye witness report]