Watch: Hurricane Irma Live Feed From St. Croix

Hurricane Irma is one of the most powerful Atlantic storms in history, and the recent photos of its destruction easily prove that. Unfortunately, the trouble is just getting started.

See the First Photos of Hurricane Irma's Landfall

As of now, Wednesday morning, many islands in the Caribbean are preparing for the worst. St. Croix is one of these islands, and there is a live feed of the storm being streamed from one of its beaches.

The Visit St. Croix YouTube channel is streaming the destruction of Hurricane Irma live, from the corner of the St. Croix Caravelle Hotel & Casino. The stream began back in May, as it was meant to show the luxuries of the summer months at the resort.

While it normally looks calm and peaceful, the resort is looks to be in store for some heavy rainfall.

At the time of writing this article, the storm is just starting to reach the shores of the beach in the video. The waves can be seen rolling in and you can tell the rain is whipping past the camera. There are a few boats still sitting out in the water, but they're starting to sway pretty significantly.

You can keep an eye on this live feed to see just how dangerous this storm is, and track its movement as it makes its way through the Caribbean.

Photo Credit: Getty / Ricardo Arduengo