We're Losing Our Minds Over a Pastor Filming a Viral Video of an Overweight Woman

When pastor Lamond Rushing saw a woman in need on a cold afternoon in Kansas City, MO, rather than help her, he decided to film her with his cell phone, put it on the internet and allow people to join in on mocking her. Rushing began to notice some internet commenters pointing out how awful it was and deleted the video, but not before others could save it and share on their own.

The subject of the video, Becky Kittrell, does not have a Facebook account and had no idea she became the star of a viral video. Apparently, her motorized scooter broke down, so a good samaritan with a Toyota Tundra offered to tow her and her scooter to her house.

Rushing can be heard saying, "Only in Kansas City. Only in Kansas City. Do y'all see this right here?"

The scene was obviously an uncommon sight for most, but it came from a place of desperation on Kittrell's part.

When speaking with Fox 4 News, Kittrell said, "If I get stuck for a period of time and stuff, I get so cold I'll be like, 'I have to get home.'"

She pointed out the even the good samaritans who helped her out in her time of need noticed the pastor recording the incident and pointed out the irony of him not offering to help.

Kittrell added, "He should have just came and asked me something, if I needed some help or something."

In the time that the video was live on Facebook, it was viewed 11,000 times. Rushing claims that he wasn't intending to mock Kittrell, just showcase an interesting scene.

"I would apologize from the bottom of my heart," he pleaded. "I would never ever intend to try to make fun of her or anything like that."

This article originally appeared on our sister site, comicbook.com.


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