Fergie's New Music Video Hints at Mental Struggles

Fergie released her new album, Double Dutchess, on Sept. 22, and the singer has since been releasing music videos for each of the LP's tracks. The latest video, for her song "A Little Work," is perhaps the most personal yet.

The clip begins with Fergie wandering the streets of Los Angeles as the singer narrates the video.

"I got to a point where I was seeing devils everywhere," she said. "Devil faces. Creatures that would appear to me would say 'fly, fly fly.' Maybe not even saying it, just flying around. I would constantly be in this state of listening to the messages that all of these creatures... what they were going to tell me. What I should do. And life became almost like this whole game."

"I was just going to lose it," she continued. "I was just going to start screaming at everybody in the street."

She then walks into an abandoned church as the video cuts to the star playing other characters including a hospital patient and a single mom.

"They’re all going to get me, the swat team... everything," she continued. "This was a real fear, serious fear."

Through it all, Fergie narrates a journey of redemption, telling the camera how she pulled herself out of a very dark place.

While it's unclear whether the singer is speaking about her own struggles, she did battle addiction in the past before joining the Black Eyed Peas and achieving major success in the music industry.

Also in the video is Fergie's 4-year-old son, Axl, who she shares with ex Josh Duhamel. At the end of the video, Fergie emerges from the church with her son, seemingly signifying a brand new start.

See the powerful video above.

Photo Credit: YouTube / FergieVEVO