Zack Ryder Reveals Knee Injury on Social Media

The Superstar Shake-Up sent Zack Ryder to RAW last week, however, a fresh knee injury may send him to WWE's disabled list for the foreseeable future.

The former United States and Intercontinental Champion revealed Tuesday morning that he suffered a knee injury in his Main Event match preceded Monday's episode of RAW.

"This picture was taken last night before my match against @therealmichaelbennett on @WWE#MainEvent. We both treated it like we were wrestling on #Raw...but unfortunately, I suffered a knee injury. While the rest of the roster is flying to Saudi Arabia today for #WWEGRR, I'm flying back to Orlando to get an MRI. I'll keep you posted......and I'll be back," he wrote.

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 10.20.54 AM
(Photo: Zack Ryder/Instagram)

While no injury comes at a good time, this is particularly unfortunate timing for Ryder. As one of the fresher faces on RAW, Ryder was allotted the opportunity to start fresh. Not that a Universal Championship opportunity was coming, but WWE may have plans for Ryder.

However, that trajectory will be put on hold for now. Without any medial report, our best fact is that he won't be traveling to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia this week for the Greatest Royal Rumble. While his absence certainly isn't a good sign, it hardly a damning indication that he'll need surgery.

For now, we, like Ryder will have to wait for more information on the matte.r

Ryder is no stranger to knee injuries, he tore his ACL in December of 2016.


Here's to a speedy recovery for the Broski.