The Usos Successfully Defend Tag Titles at Clash of Champions

Following an entertaining opening match at Clash of Champions that saw a new U.S. champion crowned, the WWE tag team titles were on the line in the second match of the evening in a fatal four-way match.

The Usos defended their title belts against The New Day, Aiden English and Rusev, and Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable. Rusev Day was ready to go in Boston!

The opening of the match saw all kinds of craziness, highlighted by a massive suplex off the top rope from Benjamin to Jimmy Uso. The referee completely lost control of the match, with tags seeming optional for much of the first few minutes before the pace calmed down. Even so, with four competitors allowed in the ring at all times, it was difficult to keep track of all the action, though the WWE camera men did an admirable job.

The confusion in the ring came to a head when Big E and Jimmy Uso, who had seemingly made a truce, both had their opponents down for a pinfall when the referee began the three count, but nobody could tell who he was counting for. They ended up shoving each other in an argument afterward, leading to more of a free for all. This section of the match was highlight by Benjamin powerbombing Kofi Kingston in mid air.


In the end, The Usos were able to successfully retain their title belts following an awesome series of rolling German suplexes by Chad Gable. Just when it seemed Gable had the match won, the Usos made a blind tag, allowing them to hit a superkick and splash for the victory.