WWE Superstars React to Kurt Angle's Shocking Return to In-Ring Action

The announcement of Kurt Angle replacing Roman Reigns at this Sunday's TLC main event has temporarily turned WWE upside down. What was once a meticulously crafted plan to reunite The Shield is now utter chaos. Things have gotten so crazy, that WWE Superstars themselves barely know how to react.

But that didn't stop them from trying. A chunk of the WWE roster, including Angle's new TLC teammates and opponents, turned to Twitter to express their excitement about the returning Olympic Gold Medalist.

First and foremost, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose needed to address their impromptu partner:

Angle's newest enemies had a message for the RAW GM as well:

Booker T was so excited he forgot how to speak English:

WWE is doing the best they can to not skip a beat despite the unforeseen events of this week. To their credit, they've done a wonderful job of-of not just replacing Roman Reigns and BRay Wyatt, but arguably creating a better card for TLC. While Roman Reigns may prove to be irreplaceable, breaking the emergency glass for Kurt Angle is certainly a refreshingly ambitious crack for WWE.

For a company that has gotten all too complacent, perhaps this viral outbreak can serve a moment for WWE to flex its creative muscles.

This plague, more or less, has forced WWE into giving its fans the best show possible, something they have seemingly avoided as they are too busy build or maintaining future shows and feuds. This weekend, WWE will forget about Royal Rumble or WrestleMania plans must give every ounce of their energy to TLC.


This should be fun.

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