Big Tag Team Match Added to WWE SummerSlam

What was widely expected became official on Saturday morning as WWE officially announced the Usos will take on WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day at SummerSlam.

This announcement comes following two weeks of tension between the teams on WWE SmackDown Live, with the Usos looking for their championship rematch. On this week's SmackDown, The Usos made a brief appearance on the show, mocking New Day and continuing to run down the champs in an effort to be granted a match.

The previous week, on July 25, the New Day were set to have a championship celebration on SmackDown Live. This was two days after the team won their first-ever WWE SmackDown tag team championship at Battleground. That celebration was interrupted by the Usos, who ambushed the team on the entrance ramp.

While the New Day are definitely one of the top tag teams WWE has seen in recent years, The Usos have really hit their stride since turning heel and getting a fresh makeover. If you were to look back on the team just over a year ago, it's like night and day to see what they have become. While last year they were certainly getting reactions from young children in the crowd, their new heel look has them getting strong reactions from the entire crowd.


It will be interesting to see what course of action WWE takes with who comes out of SummerSlam champions. While it would surprise nobody to see New Day retain, given their championship past and needing a run with the belts on the blue brand, many feel it was a mistake to take the titles off the Usos who have been having arguably the best run of their careers in recent months.