WWE: Sheamus and Cesaro Win The Tag Team Championships

It's a new day for the RAW tag team division as the long reign of the New Day has finally come to an end. In their greatest performances as a team to date, Sheamus and Cesaro were able to dethrone the champions at WWE Roadblock: End of the Line.

During the match it appeared the New Day would be able to capitalize on their numbers advantage as well as miscommunication betweeen Sheamus and Cesaro. Cesaro, however, was able to kick out of Big E's "big ending" finisher. Several near falls kept the crowd on their feet, but it was Sheamus who managed to roll up Kofi Kingston for the victory!

In a nice show of sportsmanship, the New Day handed their championships to Cesaro and a somewhat relutctant Sheamus. Sheamus took both belts to the top turnbuckle to celebrate while Cesaro went to the crowd to feel the love of his "Cesaro section."

The New Day won their championship on August 15th, 2015 in a fatal four way against The Prime Time Players, The Lucha Dragons and Los Matadores (Primo and Epico before they sold time shares in Puerto Rico). This past Monday on RAW, the New Day beat 4 other teams in 2 different matches to solidify breaking Demolition's 25 year old record of holding the tag team championships for 478 consecutive days.

Sheamus and Cesaro were the most unlikely of parters in 2016. After a best of 7 series ended in a draw, Raw General Manager, Mick Foley decided to make the two partners to receive a future WWE Raw Tag Team Championship opportunity. Later that night, they defeated a few local athletes, but still did not seem to be seeing eye to eye. A bar room brawl brought the team closer together and their momentum has finally carried them to teh championship belts.


What will be next for the New Day now that they will be without their coveted belts for the first time in well over a year?

More on this story as it develops.