WWE Releases James Ellsworth

WWE confirmed on Wednesday that the company has released James Ellsworth from his contract.

"WWE wishes Ellsworth the best in all of his future endeavors," the company wrote on WWE.com.

Ellsworth originally appeared on WWE programming as a member of Adam Rose's Rosebuds. He showed up again as a jobber on the July 25, 2016 episode of Monday Night Raw, where he was quickly beaten by Braun Strowman.

But because of his odd appearance and enthusiastic promos, Ellsworth was kept on the roster and moved to Smackdown Live, where he became involved in the WWE Championship feud between A.J. Styles and Dean Ambrose. Ellsworth was granted multiple matches against Styles and even scored a win thanks to interference from Ambrose, but was crushed by Styles in a WWE Championship match.

He eventually turned on Ambrose and aligned himself with Carmella, helping her become the first woman to win the Money in the Bank Ladder match. Carmella's relationship with Ellsworth eventually soured, leading to her walking him to the ring on a dog leash and attacking him after he lost an intergender match to Becky Lynch.


He may not have been a great wrestler, but "The Chinless Wonder" managed to keep a spot on the WWE roster longer than anybody expected. Ellsworth took to Twitter on Wednesday afternoon to thank his fans.