Former WWE Superstar Has a Request for President Trump

Two former WWE Superstars will headline the IMPACT Wrestling pay-per-view, Slammiversary on July 2nd. One is Alberto El Patron (Alberto Del Rio in WWE) who asked his father, Dos Caras, to accompany him to the ring.

The IMPACT Wrestling World Champion, Bobby Lashley, is also asking someone to join his corner.

President Donald J. Trump.

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Lashley is being earnest when he says it wouldn't be the first time he and President Trump worked together in a ring. Way back at WrestleMania 23, Trump joined Lashley and Stone Cold Steve Austin to shave Vince McMahon's head after the latter lost the Battle of the Billionaires.

A funny moment then feels like a surreal moment now. Donald Trump has a long history with WWE. Our Commander in Chief hosted WrestleMania's 4 and 5 at Trump Plaza, the only site to ever host consecutive Wrestlemanias, believe me. Even further Trump was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013. In short, Trump is a WWE lifer.

Trump's WWE connections go deeper than the occasional taped segment. Vince and Linda McMahon contributed millions of dollars to the President's campaign. And if that weren't enough, Trump appointed Linda to lead his Smalls Business Administration.

It's possible that Trump can't resist Lashley's invitation and will at minimum respond via Twitter. Hell, he might even do it from the Oval Office.

But don't count on Trump showing up. He can't be seen in such a light. This guy only does yuge, yuge, WrestleManias, believe me. So sorry, Lashley, but IMPACT Wrestling isn't rich enough for our fearless leader.

However, if Trump finds himself out of job in the next few months he may be more inclined to Lashley's request. He may even return to WWE. All the greats do, right?


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