Matt Hardy Reveals How To DELETE "Haters"

The WWE's most recent televised version of Matt Hardy has been about 36% "broken." Due to a copyright dispute with Impact Wrestling, the Hardy's were unable to unleash their full"broken brilliance" on the WWE Universe upon their return.

On Twitter, however, Matt or "The Vessel Of Matt Hardy" has recently been 100% BROKEN, thus fueling speculation that WWE has worked out a deal to use the enigmatic characters that revitalized The Hardy's careers in TNA.

During a recent Q/A, the leader of the House of Hardy was kind enough to let one of his followers know how to DELETE their haters.

The answer was simple. Absorb their envy, hatred & ignorance & use it for fuel. The process would cause them to fade away and classify themselves as OBSOLETE, thus DELETING them from your lives.

I believe this was also the thesis of Taylor Swift's Shake It Off.

The Hardys currently have a lot of envy and hatred coming their way from the team of Sheamus and Cesaro. The Swiss Superman and Celtic Warrior kicked out Jeff's tooth at Payback and are on a mission to reclaim the Raw Tag Team Championships from Team Extreme.

Will Matt have enough Broken ability by the time Extreme Rules comes around to make their threat OBSOLETE? It looks like WWE is slow playing the build to broken and fans are eating up every step of the way. As soon as the nostalgic love wears off, you can be sure the switch will be pulled and Matt will be allowed to revert to the Vessel he's been displaying on Twitter.


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