WWE: Emma Lashes Out At Charlotte And Sasha Banks On Twitter

Sasha Banks and Charlotte presumably ended their epic feud over the RAW women's championship last night at WWE Roadblock: Over the Line. While many have been thrilled with the effort the two put forth, not everyone in the women's division was as complimentary. Emma (or Emmalina, depending on the day) took to Twitter after the event to voice her complaints.

The four horsewomen is the nickname given that was given to Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Bayley and Becky Lynch while they were in NXT. The four women have been the driving force behind the women's revolution of 2016.

In wrestling, it's always safe to assume evertyhing is a "work," but this year, many WWE superstars have taken to Twitter to voice their complaints about what their unhappiness with their place on the WWE roster.

It's interesting to hear a wrestler discuss what they "deserve." Fans will always feel that certain superstars are not getting their proper due, but when the stars themselves voice their opinions, it pulls the curtain back on kayfabe.

While some superstars like Ryback and Dolph Ziggler have made public complaints that have put them in the doghouse, others, like Cesaro, have seen the response push them into bigger and better programs.

Emmalina was supposed to make her RAW debut last week, but left the world hanging. Presumably, this too was part of a longer work by the WWE.

Do you think Emmalina deserves a bigger push?

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