WWE: Corey Graves May Have Accidentally Shown His Affection for Carmella on Live TV

As news of Corey Graves' alleged affair with Carmella spreads, fans are taking a closer look at their on-screen moments over the years.

On Saturday, Graves' wife, Amy Polinsky, accused him of carrying on an affair with Carmella on Friday. She leaked what appeared to be texts from Graves to herself, then from Graves to a third party, which discussed the affair. If that were not enough, fans soon discovered an awkward moment from Monday Night Raw where Graves made a pointed remark about Carmella.

"[This] might be my favorite season of Total Divas yet," Graves declared in the clip. "You got Nia Jax, you got Alexa Bliss, you got Lana, and—my personal favorite—Ms. 'Money in The Bank' Carmella!"

Graves grew defensive as his co-hosts did not appear to share his enthusiasm.

"I know you watch it, Sexton, quit looking at me like that!" he said. The others at the table soon changed the subject, and Graves looked disappointed about something. He stared in the camera, shook his head, then put his face in his hands. Fans speculated that he might have realized he had gone too far in praising Total Divas and his alleged mistress.

"When you let it slip on TV about your mistress [and] then realize what you said about 20 seconds too late..." tweeted the hosts of the Slop Drop podcast.

"It also looks like he had been told something on the headset," suggested another fan.

The moment was an awkward one for Graves, especially in light of the new accusations against him. His wife took to Instagram on Friday night with a photo of the two of them along with their three children and two screenshots of despondent texts from the commentator.

“This may be totally below me to do but I’m hurt. I’m sad," Polinsky wrote. “I’ve put 11 years into supporting a man to accomplish his dream only for him to punch me in the gut! I've been through suicide attempts, alcoholism, among so much more with him and stuck by his side."

"The kicker is finding out that he’s been sleeping with one of my daughters' role models all long," she added of Carmella.


Polinsky included texts from Graves, apparently confirming his issues with mental health and even suicidal thoughts. The wrestling commentator wrote that he wanted to "disappear forever" and that he "can't do any better than what I've got." He also seemed to saying goodbye to Polinsky and their children.

"Give them whatever they need," Graves went on. "I've come to terms recently, that I need to shut it all down. All of it. I'm going to sleep. Maybe I'll wake up. Maybe I won't. I don't wanna wake up anymore. Just make sure the kids know I loved them."