Chris Jericho Replaces Rusev in Greatest Royal Rumble Casket Match Against The Undertaker

"The Greatest Royal Rumble" event just got a huge shakeup, as WWE announced on Wednesday it was changing up one of its top matches involving the Undertaker.

"The Deadman" was originally scheduled to face Rusev in a casket match at the event in Saudi Arabia. But WWE has since replaced Rusev with six-time world champion Chris Jericho. reported on Wednesday the storyline reason for the change was Rusev's wife Lana publicly campaigning on Twitter for Rusev to be pulled from the match as she worried for his safety.

"All over the world, little boys and girls are celebrating #RusevDay, they smile for the greatest Superstar ever ! I've already spoke with @WWE officials to change that match because I REFUSE to let my husband @RusevBUL compete in a Casket Match at #WWEGRR!"

The announcement comes hours after Rusev and Lana called out "The Phenom" during a TMZ interview.

"He is a legend in the WWE. But so am I, it's Rusev Day," Rusev told the interviewer. "Undertaker is kind of a little bit in the past."

When asked if Undertaker was past his prime, "The Bulgarian Brute" responded, "Just a little bit."

"I'll beat him so bad it may be his last fight," he said.

While it may have seemed like the usual trash talk between opponents, Undertaker's wife Michelle McCool took exception to the interview, calling out TMZ for using the phrase "CRISH His Old A—!" in the headline.

"Had to listen to see if "crush his old a$$" was ACTUALLY said!" McCool tweeted. "Guess some people are smarter than others..."


Whether or not the interview, or Rusev's tweet following the announcement where he wrote "Bury me softly, Brother," resulted in the former United States Champion getting yanked from the match remains to be seen.

Jericho was originally booked to be in the 50-Man Royal Rumble match during the April 27 event. This will mark his first match with the company since the July 25 episode of SmackDown Live where he lost a triple threat United States Championship match to Kevin Owens and AJ Styles.