WWE: Charlotte Wins Ironman Match With Sasha Banks

Charlotte has once again become the WWE Raw Women’s Champion. In an epic ironman match, Charlotte was able to defeat The Boss to regain her WWE Women’s Championship at WWE Roadblock: End of the Line. It was the 6th time the two have competed for the women’s championship and the 6th time the championship had switched hands. With the win, Charlotte takes her pay per view streak to 15-0.

Reminiscent of Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels 60 minute Ironman match at Wrestlemania, this championship match went to a sudden death overtime. Sasha was unfortunately busted open the "hard way" in OT and forced to tap out to the second figure 8 leg lock of the evening.

The two went scoreless for nearly the first 20 minutes of the match. Charlotte was the first to pick up a pin, hitting the "natural selection" off the second rope. Sasha countered at the 8 minute with a roll-up to even things at one fall apiece. A missed moonsault by Charlotte allowed Sasha to apply the "banks statement" and gain a 2-1 advantage with less than 6 minutes to go. Charlotte evened things at 2 with her pattened figure 8 with zero seconds to go.

The feud, which started in NXT, has undoubtedly become the 2016 feud of the year and likely the most important feud in the history of WWE women’s wrestling.

Charlotte, who was the Divas champion, won the first Women's Championship in a triple threat match with Sasha and Becky Lynch at Wrestlemania 32.

Then—after paying homage to her childhood hero, Eddie Guerrero—Sasha won her first women's championship on the July 25 episode of Raw. After her victory, she announced to the world that it was "the era of women's wrestling"—but it was not the era of a long title reign for Banks. Less than a month later Charlotte reclaimed her championship at SummerSlam.

After Charlotte won a triple threat at Clash of Champions by pinning Bayley, Banks would receive her one-on-one rematch for the title on the Oct. 3 episode of Raw. She did not waste her opportunity, forcing her rival to tap out once again to the Bank Statement.

Eager to end the feud with a bang, Banks proposed to Flair they meet inside Hell in a Cell in her hometown of Boston during the eponymous pay-per-view on Oct. 30.

Then, in her rematch, Sasha forced Charlotte to tap out in a vicious Falls Count Anywhere match Nov. 28 for the championship in Charlotte, North Carolina.

With the end of the feud, some of RAW’s other women talent, like Bayley and Nia Jax, will hopefully find their place in the women's title picture in 2017.


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