WWE Changes Great Balls Of Fire Logo

So, let's talk about this Great Balls Of Fire logo.

When WWE first released the worst pay per view name in the history of wrestling, fans on social media lost their minds. Surely, naming a ppv after a Jerry Lee Lewis song had to be a joke. When WWE released their new logo for the event this week, the entire WWE Universe were really starting to wonder if they were a part of a really elaborate prank.

A prank is the only logical explanation why the logo for Great BALLS looks exactly like, well, a great pair of balls.

The first announcement for the ppv featured a logo that more closely resembled a hot sauce label, which, while ugly, still kind of made sense for a summer pay per view. Hot sauce, grilling, dog days of summer, um, I don't know. It must have made sense to someone.

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Next came the balls. It didn't take fans long to point out the obvious similarities in the new logo. Considering Vince McMahon's history with 14 year old humor, we have to assume this was no coincidence.

Rocket League
(Photo: wwe)

Perhaps not surprisingly, a third logo has since emerged.

Did fan backlash cause WWE to adopt the new, more Firehouse Subish logo for Brock Lesnar's first Universal Championship defense? Will there be a fourth logo to come that doubles down on the genital humor? At this point, anything is possible.


The Beast will defend his Championship against Samoa Joe on July 9th at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX and regardless of the final design, I wouldn't get your hopes up on Great Balls of Fire becoming an annual WWE tradition.

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