WWE: Bayley Defeats Charlotte On RAW

Coming off her Ironman victory at WWE Roadblock: End of the Line, Charlotte appeared on RAW to brag about becoming a 4 time WWE Women's Champion. During her promo, the Queen proclaimed there was no one left to challenge for her throne, which led Bayley to come out and remind Charlotte that she was 2-0 against the champ.

Charlotte brought up their 4 horsewomen history and declared Bayley to only be the 4th best of that group. RAW GM, Mick Foley, then made a match between the two official.

Through two commercial breaks, the women engaged in a back and forth battle that saw Charlotte hit her pattened moonsault on the WWE's favorite hugger. The bout ended when Bayley caught Charlotte in a backslide for the three count. The referee didn't see Charlotte's shoulder pop up before the three count came down, which left the champion still looking strong while giving Bayley the victory and 3-0 bragging rights.

While the match was a non-title affair, it should lead to Bayley getting a shot at Charlotte's Women's Championship sooner than later.

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