Women's Money in the Bank PPV Match in Jeopardy

Could the rumored Women's ladder match at this year's Money in the Bank be cancelled? It wouldn't [...]

Could the rumored Women's ladder match at this year's Money in the Bank be cancelled? It wouldn't be the first time the history making match was on the chopping block.

As previously reported, many expected that Shane McMahon's "major announcement" on Tuesday's SmackDown Live would pertain to a possible five-woman ladder match at next month's pay-per-view event. But Shane McMahon's big reveal turned out to only be this year's Money in the Bank contestants from the men's division, with no mention of a match for the women.

Ever since Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks main evented a PPV with their cage match at last year's Hell in a Cell, and Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss set the first women's-only tables match on SmackDown, a ladders match has remained the last unbroken glass ceiling of the Women's Revolution.

The prospect of seeing such a match in the near future seems extremely likely. Keep in mind however that a women's ladder match was heavily rumoured to take place in 2016, but unfortunately those plans were scrapped on multiple occasions.

The current booking of the women on SmackDown Live suggests something of the sort may well still be in the making, as the entire division finds itself embroiled in a battle of good vs. evil.

A five-woman match to determine a number one contender to Naomi's title has been booked for next week's show, with the winner likely to face Naomi at Money in the Bank. That leaves four potential ladder match contestants, with the added possibility of Lana making her in-ring debut by then or at the event.

WWE may well feel that this line-up isn't strong enough for such an important match, and could hold off on booking it until a later date. A women's Money in the Bank ladder match will happen at some point, but is now the right time? Next week's SmackDown Live should answer a number of questions regarding the likelihood of that happening, but for the time being the prospects remain on the chopping block of the booking board for the women of SmackDown Live.

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